Pharmacy School Tuition

Pharmacy School Tuition varies greatly from school to school; generally speaking, public universities cost less than private universities. You can check tuition by Pharm.D. program on the AACP pharmacy school tuition table.

To apply for financial aid for pharmacy school, you will need to fill out a FAFSA prior to starting your first semester. For me (California), it was due in the early part of the year and BEFORE I was accepted into pharmacy school. I submitted financial aid information (FAFSA, other documents) to all schools that I applied for.

Different loan programs exist for pharmacy school. As a rule of thumb, you want to maximize Federal Stafford, Pharmacy Health Profession Student Loan, and any other 'disadvantaged student' subsidized loans first. 'Subsidized' means that the government pays for the interest on these loans while you are still in school. Then you should move onto borrowing Federal Stafford unsubsidized loans, on which you pay interest on the loans starting from the day you receive the money. Finally, if you need more money, you can move onto Federal Graduate PLUS Loan and other private loan sources which are unsubsidized and generally have higher interest rates than Stafford Loans.

Financial Aid

Here is an example of what different loan programs look like (from USC Pharmacy School's Financial Aid Office Website):

* Pharmacy Health Profession Student Loan (HPSL):
* Loans for Disadvantage Students (LDS): * Federal Stafford Loan: * Federal Graduate PLUS Loan: * Private Financing Programs:
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