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How to use this page?

This is the advanced search page. Enter as many fields as you want to narrow down your search with (more criteria filled out means fewer results). Remember that some pharmacy schools do not require the PCAT (none of the California pharmacy schools require the PCAT and some others), but some students will have taken the PCAT anyways. Check which schools require the PCAT here.

Here some examples of how you would conduct some searches:

All applicants of all statuses who had an overall GPA higher than 3.80
Enter 3.80 in the overall GPA 'greater than' box and leave the 'less than' box empty

All applicants waitlisted in 2008 for University of Southern California
From the dropdown for 'school cycle', select 2008; for the for the 'school' dropdown, select 'University of Southern California'; for the 'status' dropdown, select Waitlisted

Applicants who were accepted to University of California, San Francisco in 2009 with an overall GPA between 3.45 to 3.62 who are from New York
From the dropdown for 'school cycle', select 2009; for the 'school' dropdown, select UCSF; for the overall GPA box enter 3.45 for 'greater than' and 3.62 for 'less than'; for residence, select New York

Applicants who went to the University of California, Los Angeles
In the 'Undergrad school' box, you may want to search for 'UCLA' and then do come back to this page and search again for 'University of California' (you don't know other users formatted their school name, so it would better to widen your search results a bit more)

Applicants who were accepted without pharmacy work experience but with a pharmacy technician license
For the 'status' dropdown, select 'Accepted'; for 'Pharmacy Work Experience,' select "No"; for 'Pharmacy Technician License,' select "Yes"




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