The Pharmacy School Interview

The interview process is an important aspect of the application process as it is an opportunity to show the phamracy school what kind of individual you are and how well you will fit into their program. The demeanor and professionalism required for any job interview also applies for the pharmacy school interview. Schools differ on how they conduct their interviews, but generally speaking one or two individuals (ex: 1 student and 1 staff) will be asking you questions. For discussion on these interview topics, check out the discussion threads on

Interview Books

Interview Tips

-Just be yourself and do not make your answers sound rehearsed.
-Get a general idea of the types of interview questions asked at each pharmacy school by looking over SDN's interview feedback system.
-Instead of writing transcripts of your answers, write keywords that will lead you in the right direction for possible interview questions.
-Get enough rest and stick to your normal sleeping schedule (sleep earlier if you are usually nocturnal). Eat a nice breakfast so that your stomach will not be grumbling during the interview!
-The Medical School Interview: Secrets and a System for Success is a great read before your interviews because it goes into the minds of the admission committee and how to effectively approach answers to the interview questions.
-Don't forget to bring all necessary materials to the interview. Be prepared for traffic and know where you are exactly where you are going to (driving directions, room to check in). For my interviews (schools in an area I was unfamiliar), I purchased a GPS to make sure I knew exactly where I was going! As a Southern California resident for most of my life, having the brand new GPS (Garmin 265WT) made my drive a lot less stressful navigating the confusing streets of the Bay Area. The Garmin 265WT, unlike some other units, provides free traffic updates and reroutes to the quickest route when deemed necessary. While some other units charge a monthly fee for this kind of service, for the Garmin 265WT, there are no fees, but there are small unnoticeable ads that display to cover the costs for the company that provides the updates.

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-Start up a conversation with the staff, current students, or other interviewees. Your socializing will get your mouth moving and less nervous!
-Once your interview is done, there is nothing more you can do. Don't stress out and wait for the good word!
-Read up on the blog's list of interview criteria used by pharmacy schools
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