Pharmacy College Admission Test

The Pharmacy College Admission Test, which is administered by Harcourt Assessment, Inc, is the standardized test used by pharmacy schools. The PCAT is a four hour test which contains 240 multiple choice questions and two essays. Around 70 percent of Pharm.D. programs in the United States require applicants to take the PCAT. Check which schools require the PCAT here.

There are 7 different subject exams:
Verbal Ability
Reading Comprehension
Quantitative Ability
Problem Solving (Writing)
Conventions of Language (Writing)

Here is a PCAT Sample Test.

Test Taking Strategies

* Be prepared! Start studying early and relate topics discussed in your pre-requisite classes with your studying for the PCAT.
* Be ready physically and mentally. Dress comfortably (in a way where you can adjust for any testing climate – a thin sweater works well as you can take it off if it gets hot and leave it on if it’s cold), get enough sleep the night before, and eat breakfast.
* Arrive at your test center early.
* Answer all of the questions because there is no penalty is given for guesses. Eliminate as many choices as possible before answering questions.
* Do not spend too much time on one particular question as all questions are weighted the same. For the multiple choice sections, answer the questions that you are most comfortable with first and reserve time for more difficult questions after you have answered all the questions that you were confident with.
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