Top 200 Branded/Generic Drugs by Retail Dollars and Total Prescriptions

These links are from Drug Topics – News Magazine for Pharmacists. These charts display the top 200 branded or generic drugs and their popularity based on money earned or by total prescriptions filled for 2008. Each listing also shows the percent change from the previous year. It’s not a bad idea to get familiar with some of our nation’s most popular drugs.

2008 Top 200 branded drugs by retail dollars
2008 Top 200 branded drugs by total prescriptions
2008 Top 200 generic drugs by retail dollars
2008 Top 200 generic drugs by total prescriptions

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  1. Should the units on the total prescriptions tables be in #s instead of $? For example, Lipitor had 49M total scripts with a retail value of $5.9B, right? The way you have it, the “total prescriptions” values are in $, which is confusing, since it is the total number of scripts, not $, right? Please confirm.

    Thanks, PT

  2. I believe that you are correct. (I did not create the charts; they are linked from from DrugTopics.modernmedicine.com )

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