What kind of letter of references (LORs) are accepted at each pharmacy school?

Table of accepted Letter of Recommendations at each Pharmacy School
Remember R = required / Rec = Recommended

Surprisingly, only a handful of pharmacy schools actually require a letter of reference from a pharmacist. Many schools do highly recommend that you get a letter of recommendation from a pharmacist, so it is in your best interest to at the very least shadow and interview a pharmacist. Stronger LORs would be from pharmacists who served as your supervisor at a pharmacy that you worked for. Generally speaking, letter of recommendations from pharmacists and science professors, who know you on a personal level, are the best. You will want to check to see which schools do not accept LORs from friends, clergy, TAs, and pre-health advisors before asking them to do so. You can always send the maximum number of letter of recommendations (4) through PharmCAS with each school at least receiving the minimum required re