The Pharmacy School Interview

Every applicant worries about it, but every applicant must interview to gain admission into pharmacy school. The interview is a crucial piece of your application that will determine whether or not you receive admission. To prepare for the interview, I first suggest that applicants make use of the Student Doctor Interview Feedback to get a feel for the interview day and to see what type of questions will be asked. To practice these questions, rather than forming a script of answers (you will sound rehearsed, which is not good), you should hand a list of ‘high-probability’ questions (Why pharmacy?, etc.) to a friend or family member and simulate the interview. Prior to doing this, it would be a good idea to review your essays, resume, and supplemental application as this is what the interviewer will have in front of him or her during your interview.

Here are some of the criteria they use to grade your interview:

  • Enthusiasm (How badly do you want to become a pharmacist?)
  • Knowledge of Profession (When they ask you what you know about pharmacy, don’t answer, “counting pills”!)
  • Communication Ability (Eye contact, etc.)
  • Professionalism (Correct formal dress code, etc.)

Here are a few books that I used to help me through the interview experience. Although the books are for medical school interviews, the material completely corresponds with the pharmacy school interview. These books will help you view the questions from the point of view of the interviewer and formulate a well-articulated answer to any question they may throw at you.