RxPrep Book Review – NAPLEX and CPJE Boards

RxPrep is a Great Tool for Board Exam Preparation!

I just took the Naplex last month, and I passed thanks to RxPrep! I believe that this book was a great value because all the information that I needed to know was all in one place, this thick one-stop reference. Even though the book is quite thick, there is adequate spacing and lots of charts which made it less overwhelming than I originally had expected. I had to pack all of my things and move across the nation the day after my graduation to get started with my fellowship (mine started very early for training). So, I literally only read the this book once time and found additional practice calculations that I found on StudentDoctor to pass the NAPLEX on my first try. I did take my time reading it (took me about 10 days total of serious dedicated study time). Of course, everyone’s study habits and clinical background differ so you may find yourself studying more and less than my time frame.



  • RxPrep covers pretty much every therapeutic area and other pharmacy topics including oncology, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, and clinical trial design. I know that pharmacy schools don’t allocate much time in every single specialty therapeutic area, and it was a relief to find just the key overview on these disease state and the treatments all in one place
  • RxPrep’s charts were a lifesaver. I was able to quickly reference the important points and differences between treatments for each therapeutic area.
  • The practice questions at the end of most chapters were very helpful. They made me think critically. If I missed a question, I would go back and study the areas that the question was related to.
  • Doesn’t go into too much detail. It is mostly an overview of high frequency and key topics. These important drugs are in bold, and the important information is underlined.
  • I must admit I did not organize and store my pharmacy school notes, so I only had this book to reference. Overall, I was pleased with its efficiency.


  • I have read elsewhere that the calculations review section is not as strong in this book; however, I am unable to comment on other books as I only used this book. As I mentioned previously, I also used questions I found on StudentDoctor for extra practice. I felt that the calculation section in this book covered a majority of the common types of questions that show up on the NAPLEX.
  • The book has quite a number of typos. Nothing too distracting, but I did notice them while going through the book.
  • RxPrep has multiple authors which can be distracting at times due to the change in style of the writing. Also, I would argue that some sections are much stronger in quality than others.
  • RxPrep has a high price tag at around $160. With board application fees and test fees, it was bit difficult to shell out more cash (especially with looming student loan payments!) However, I felt that it was worth the money because of the way the information is presented in this book.


It was more than sufficient for me to pass the NAPLEX with a pretty sizeable margin.  You can take a peek with Amazon’s LOOK INSIDE! function. I provided the link below.

Please note that I have yet to take the CPJE so this review is just for preparation for the NAPLEX. (If you are wondering, you do not need to be licensed as a registered pharmacist to work as a fellow in most pharma fellowships).

RxPrep Course Book A Comprehensive Course for the NAPLEX� and CPJE (2013 Edition) (Paperback)

By (author): Karen Shapiro PharmD BCPS; Sherry Brown PharmD BCPS MBA

Completely updated for 2013, the RxPrep Course Book is the preferred study guide for students preparing for the NAPLEX(R) exam and/or the CPJE. Features include: Expanded Infectious Diseases; Expanded Common Skin Conditions; Expanded IV Drugs, Fluids, Antidotes; Additional Calculation Practice for Math & Biostatistics; All New Essential Drugs & Updates including COPD, Pain, Weight Loss, and others.Includes practice cases for many major therapeutic topics.
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