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I came across this one of a kind blog for pre-pharmacy students: Pharmacy School Admissions Blog allows you to directly ask a member of an admission committee at a pharmacy school any question via e-mail. Your question will be posted on the blog along with an answer coming from the point of view of someone whose job is to admit students into pharmacy school. As of today, 64 answers, which span across all topics related to pharm school applications, have been posted in the three months or so that the blog has been live (pretty active blog if you ask me). There are a lot of tools out there that pre-pharmacy students should take advantage of to succeed with the application process. In my opinion, this resource ranks up there alongside StudentDoctor.Net’s message board.

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  1. hello! I am a uc berkeley student who recently got admitted to uop’s pharmacy school. I was wondering if you could give me some insight on the journey which I am about to embark upon?

  2. Yea, its kinda time consuming, but just study hard and you’ll be great! I can tell you have a passion for counting already. You must love the feeling of learning. Congrats and good luck, you will do great! UOP ROCKS!!!!!

    P.S. breathe

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