Books that will get you into Pharmacy School

Here are the top resources for each step of the application process for pharmacy schools. I have only highlighted the most popular and top-rated products (at least 4 stars) from Amazon. Rather than scrambling around the Internet or asking a bunch of people, these resources comprehensively cover all aspects of the entire process.

Admissions Book

These two admissions books were written to elucidate the entire application process all the way from PCAT exam preparation to the interview.

Pharmacy Technician Exam Books

Books for preparation for the pharmacy technician (PTCB) exam. The practice exams are a great way to get used to the type or problems presented on the real exam.


PCAT preparation courses will set you back at least a thousand dollars, so I highly recommend students to utilize the more cost-effective method of self-studying. The Kaplan PCAT book is the most popular and highest rated preparation material The AudioLearn product is a great supplement as you can listen to the material while driving around or lounging at home.

Interview Preparation

The interview is the scariest part of the application process for most applicants. These two books will prepare you mentally for any type of question you may encounter at all of your interviews.

Top 200 Drugs Review

This is usually tested during your first year of pharmacy school, and if you want to get started early, you will want to purchase these products. The Sigler cards are the ones we used for our two drug exams (top 100 exam as well as the top 101-200 exam).

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  1. Thanks alot for the references. I’ve been looking for a way to truly mentally prepare myself for this task of getting into pharmacy school; these books truly elucidate a path for me to achieve my career goal.
    Thanks again.

  2. I would like any new references that can prepare me better for school of pharmacy.
    Please Thanks

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